Shade Cloth Fabrics

Shade sail cloths come in a large range of colours. We stock a few different brands and grades of shade cloth Including Alnet Extra Block (fire retardant ) Solar Block, Poly FX and Driz waterproof shade cloth.

Alnet Extrablock

Extrablock™ is a world leading knitted HDPE shadecloth made to exacting quality standards. With its excellent UV protection factors and superb Flame Retardant characteristics Extrablock™ is the shadecloth of choice for all applications both domestic and commercial.

From shade around the house to covering that pool right up to the largest of shade structures over carparks and courts.With a history spanning 30 years in Australia it is now available in 13 designer colours

Poly FX Colours

Polyfx ® can be used around beach entertainment and barbecue facilities, outdoor leisure and picnic areas. Other applications include playgrounds, preschools, secondary schools, camping grounds, hotels, motels and holiday resorts.

Shadesails made from Polyfx ® also offer a striking alternative to flat roof timber pergolas and can be designed to accentuate any location, whether it be a home, garden or commercial establishment.
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